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made with a dash of ocean + a sprinkle of magic.

ABOVE PHOTOGRAPHY // Chloe Jordan Design

there was a whole magnificent soul burning brightly behind her “shy”
— Atticus


A little bit of design, a little bit of soul. Mix it all together and create a life of beauty.

shyanne clarke mermaid lore

Mermaid lore

... a mermaid lives in the sea of intuitive energies, seeking the greatest expression of herself. She has goddess energy, she is a healer of the heart and the ocean. She joyfully shares her calling and blessings with the world and can perceive the heart and intention of your soul. She will take you into your deep depths, never to return to life as you knew it before.

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What gets me inspired or a bit firey

AT THE MOMENT - because we are always changing evolving growing

Learning! I want to discuss intellectual conversation about racism, psychology + business, because what we don’t like is actually what we don’t understand

Women who do what they love and are killing it

Nature blows my mind with its beauty

Following our own version of success, not ticking the boxes of what society expects

The smell of coconut (a bit much - I actually dreamt about it last night)

The power + depth of the ocean

Creating (obviously)

Palm trees.