Shyanne Clarke


of Shyanne

communicator between humans + the universe.

I want to gift hope, beauty, magic. The feeling of all things as a treasure, the feeling of wonder, innocence. Strength in being yourself. Excitement and gloriousness of life. Open-ness, expansion. LIGHT! I want to gift the world Light.

I would like to be remembered as bright. A woman who went her own way always. Real and true. A bit cheeky, a bit mischievous, a bit playful. A person you can share all your layers with, the simple bits that excite you AND your deepest scariest, weirdest heart stories with, I want you to feel like you can be you when you are with me. I want to be know for warm hugs and laughter that hurts your sides. I want to be known as an explorer, a creator, a magic maker. I want to be remembered as playful and courageous and a bit kooky. A bit like the grandmother out of Moana.



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What I discover within

... a mermaid lives in the sea of intuitive energies, seeking the greatest expression of herself. She has goddess energy, she is a healer of the heart and the ocean. She joyfully shares her calling and blessings with the world and can perceive the heart and intention of your soul. She will take you into your deep depths, never to return to life as you knew it before.

forever enchanted with my soul weaving magical threads
— Shyanne Clarke