Cosmic Healing - the left over wound from a maternal chord


In the past I have worked with a witch archetype for healing. I had read earlier that day that your cosmic crew could help with healing your energy body

A wound that I have on my left shoulder blade, left over from a chord I detached about a year ago connected to my maternal lineage, started showing up in my awareness + then the last few days, when I haven't say with it, sent a bit of a sharp prick to let me know its time to give it some attention now.

I sat in the grass, in the late afternoon, grounding myself and not even consciously aware that I was going to work with it today. As I sat there tuning into myself, it sent me some jabs, so I sat with it and explored what it felt like + how I could help it heal. I had tried my usual tricks but nothing was working so I stopped forcing and allowed my system to take over. I went into a dazed state as I softened to allow my higher self to take over and show me how to heal this wound. 


I had read earlier that day that your cosmic crew could help with healing your energy body, in the past I have worked with a witch archetype for healing, but she hasn't been around for sometime now (I’ll write about this in another post), I have been slowly connecting to this cosmic crew, but have only glimpsed them visually so far, for the most part, I see them as light and/or I sense that they are there. This time, I acknowledged that two or three of these lights came to help me with this wound. 


Firstly the lead one, pushed a bright golden white sort of rod or wand into the wound area (this didnt physically hurt in any way) and kept it there glowing. I noticed from the inside of my body, this cartilage type of line, start to shrink up to the open wound area, like it was pulling out the scarring from the inside. This went on for about 5 minutes, then the rod/wand was removed and I saw/felt the wound close over. This was end of the healing for now, I ran the same golden white light through my field and sat in a softened grounded state for a little longer (while I was doing this, my daughter bought me out a citrine crystal) then I got back to playing with my kids outside. 


The next morning. I woke up + came out to sit on the grass again for a morning tune in and grounding. I could still feel the wound and I got a vision of peeling off layers, like an onion. I sat there and felt the first layer of my energy body field peel off, it felt like I was taking old clothes off, I physically moved my body in the motion as though it was coming up and over my head, down my body and then dropped at my feet. I gave this old shedded layer to the Great Mother Earth, for her to receive and transmute into something of service. I then did this around another 5 or 6 times, each layer not feeling so close to my body and feeling lighter in consistency. It felt so good to shed these layers and hand them over. 


Once I had done this (it took about 5 mins) I then consciously called in white light to fill my field and freshen my energy vibration. It usually takes me a few days to integrate a healing like this into my physical existence, I need to make sure I stay grounded so it can integrate + that I drink lots of water to wash out the junk. I occasionally get flu type symptoms when I heal or upgrade, depending on the level of? hmm I don't actually know. I can feel a hint of the wound still there, but it feels/looks like its just a bit of hard skin in the area (not physically but through my third eye vision.)