Creating with your soul doesn't always make sense

Sometimes your souls next step is not what you think it is.

Often its not a big leap, its a tiny step, that could even feel insignificant.

Just trust. There is so much magic that can happen and it can be so much more than you imagine for yourself because majority of the time, you cant think up what is for you, you just need to open and be receptive to move with the flow of it all.

IMAGE CREDIT : drew-coffman-98464-unsplash

IMAGE CREDIT : drew-coffman-98464-unsplash


My own little treasure hunt story... I felt like eating something delicious, sushi was my craving. I bought the sushi and thought, wow that was delicious, I’m feeling inspired to make delicious meals this week.

I chose foods that used a lot of herbs that I got to chop, it felt like I was connecting back to nature and that I was being a bit witchy, creating cooking magic. I remembered a movie I watched as a teenager, ’simply irresistible’ with Sarah Michelle Gellar, I found it and watched and felt more of that magic.

I then went on a movie marathon over the coming weeks and watched all the magic movies I could. That feeling, a feeling I remember as a child, it grew and grew, the magic within me grew. I was attracted to more of that feeling, I looked for images on Pinterest, I collected shells and crystals and plants and flowers. I drew more because it reminded me of that feeling.

Then I had an overwhelming guidance that I should make oracle cards, so I started... it didn’t stop there, over the whole year of drawing those flowers for ’the floral oracle’ I learnt about my energy body, my intuition, I grounded this magical feeling, and I actually felt like I had found and understood my magic. It wasn’t wishy washy, there was a mechanics behind it.

I created in a completely different way than I had in the past, it was slow and intentional. I was learning more about who I was.... maybe I’ll stop here, the story could go forever and I could connect it back forever.

My point, it started with a craving for sushi, it didn’t make sense but I followed it anyway.

IMAGE CREDIT : Shyanne Clarke

IMAGE CREDIT : Shyanne Clarke

You will need to get comfortable with not knowing the whole path. Your guidance will come as steps that you are ready for. This is something you will likely have to constantly work on, we have been conditioned since we were kids to work 9-5 and have a plan, to be following a routine and completing a goal. So when you step off this conveyer belt of reality, its a bit of a shock to the system, it brings up a lot of emotion. It takes practice and patience to disconnect from this and get used to doing it your own way. You need to keep pulling your energy back from where you have plugged into these stories and consciously create a just keep following that guidance. Your next step as soul guidance will have an underlying calm feeling, a knowing that its right. This will be hard to hear at the start, because you haven’t been conditioned to listen to it, but with practice it gets louder and more prominent, but that is just because you get better at picking up the signal. new reality for yourself. This can sound harder than it is, its just a matter of tuning into you, your soul self and the next step and just keep following that guidance.

Thats it from me