Sexual energy VS Sensual energy

Sexual energy VS Sensual energy, what is the difference?

How does it feel and mind blown…

Is sensual energy actually what creation energy feels like.

Lets explore….

IMAGE CREDIT : christopher-campbell-30252-unsplash

IMAGE CREDIT : christopher-campbell-30252-unsplash


Sensual Energy vs Sexual energy

Sexual energy feels more like the touching the surface of the body, like the outer shell of a smartie. You can feel it electric through your body but if you tune into it, it doesn't go to the depths. It feels really good but its more like a one night stand in comparison. Its like all seeing from the outside, but it doesn't reveal to you or connect you to the deep depths. It keeps you treading on the surface. A beautiful experience but different to sensual energy.  

Sensual energy is like swimming to the bottom of a dark ocean. You go deep. The depths of you. It ALSO feels like a rising fire - Kundalini maybe. 

Sensual energy feels like a rising fire and like a rolling ocean tide. Its like diving into the depths of your soul and expanding into your fullest expression. Its creative and passion. Its a deep knowing of your empowerment. Its fierce, its powerful. Its flow and playful. Its cheeky and mischevious. Its nurturing and slow movement. Its magical and beauty expressed. Its enchanting. Its a weaving. Its mysterious and conjouring. Its rich. Its present. Its grounded. Its highly magnetic. Lush. Its bright aliveness.

When you tap into this energy, you feel your bright and deep aliveness. You are in the flow. You know your direction and you have no attachment to the outcome. You feel what it is to be an empowered human. You see through clear eyes. You create for deep joy. You feel connected. You feel you are living as your own essence. It feels bloody good in your body and your energy is coursing through your veins. You are very present and notice. You flow in aligned direction. You feel the richness of life, of your experiences of your relationships. You are detached from stories and see life expanded. You feel strong and you know yourself to a depth you haven't experience before. It feels like how you should always feel. It feels like your purpose. It feels like pure magic. 

On an energetic level, I see and feel this sensual energy growing in the body through the four elements. When all four work together they create this divine spirit energy that flows through your body. 

What I now realise, for me, this is what creation feels like. The creation of myself as a creation, the energy of creations I create, the energy of creations of the universe. All on the same band of frequency and in its truest form. 

I came to this realisation this morning. When I was listening to Tara Bliss podcast, when she asked me to stop and feel what creation feels like in my body. 

IMAGE FROM : Tara Bliss - SOUNDS LIKE BLISS podcast // ep.2

IMAGE FROM : Tara Bliss - SOUNDS LIKE BLISS podcast // ep.2

’Sensual energy for me, is what creation feels like’ - Shyanne Clarke

Does this mean that sensual people are more creative, abundant and in tune with their intuition? Are they on a different level?

Hmm. I think this depends. Are they sensual or are they sexual? Its different energy. Also is their creation energy clean or dirty? Are they coming from their light or their shadow? 

I don't think its creating on a different level, I think it is more creating aligned. And because they are aligned they appear more abundant and connected. But their aligned abundance is different to someone else's aligned abundance. Its what is their truest expression. Its easier to follow intuition because you are in the flow of creation energy, you feel empowered so you act from that state.



I don’t usually put this bit here, but I feel a pull to say, if you feel like this resonates in you some how or you have an inkling this is a bread crumb to follow and you might want to explore the depths of you with with me, my heart and soul is yearning to go on a deep soul journey with this energy in others. Send me an email, I’d love to hear from you, wherever you are at, really truly //