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A question to ponder. When feeling into the energy of your soul, your soul business, your life, your body, do you feel sensually attracted to it? Do you feel aliveness? Magnetic? Is magic weaving its sensual beauty through your veins. And can you build the energy of it in your body that makes you feel like its making love to you on a Sunday morning?

This offering is a little different.

Its about trust.

Trust in the adventure we would go on, to bringing aliveness to the depths of you. No experience is the same. I cannot tell you the journey, we will discover it together, I will be here to hold space and support you.

An exploration.
A slow weaving.
A sensual dance of energy. Lush.
Enchanted in beauty.

With a curious heart, get to know and ground the energy of your soul and/or soul based business, creating a strong foundation to build upon.

Continue to build the energy of your soul biz for expansion and growth in future. Toning the energy for sales to flow and increase. 

Know + trust your soul guidance, so you don’t make erratic, ungrounded decisions, that you have to fix and clean up the shit later. 

Come from a place of empowered knowing, rather than lack and push. 

Block out the noise + learn to read the energy of your business, understanding its expanding purpose + power and how to support it — And in turn how this feels alive for your soul. 

Understand the misaligned beliefs + patterns you hold that are filtering into your business. Showing you where you need to explore + shift so that you and your biz can grow + expand into its own greatness and thrive. 

Feel supported. Seen. Held. Encouraged. Feel sure in your body. Embody your empowered, creative, aligned self. 

Creating a soul offering is like lightning. It charges and destroys and is fucking heaven in your body. 

Can you feel a product or service brewing and swirling under your skin? 

Build and ground the energy of a soul offering, your soul creation, whether you have an idea of what it is or your soul is nudging you to birth something but you don’t know yet what it is.

Explore and get clear on the soul steps to birth this creation. 

Recognise, clean + clear misaligned patterns + beliefs, to allow this offering to flourish and be received. 

Support and nourish this soul offering ongoing for expansion and growth in future. Toning the energy for sales to flow and increase.  

Know + understand your energy when you are making decisions from lack or push. 

Enjoy the creation process, feel supported + confident creating with your soul.

Use tools to birth future soul aligned creations confidently.

Know and understand your magic — build a soul based business that nourishes you — feel primal fire explode through your body, erotically enchanting the depths of you.

‘ The learning of energy in itself was life changing for me. And becoming aware of the energy I was giving out into my business. Getting my energy right before heading into my work was life altering.’
‘This is by far the best money and time I’ve ever spent. Has brought all my wildest business dreams come true, found one of my soul purposes. I could not recommend this enough. Thank you
— Sandra-Lea Murray
‘Your magic sessions have opened all this for me!! Forever grateful!! I feel like every business needs you’
— Kara Glen

do you have the courage to go deep?


  • 6 x reiki healing sessions

  • 90 mins soul chats // fortnightly either in person or via zoom. Exploring your depths.

  • email support.

  • additional support + resources as required.

12 glorious weeks


installment options available

This won’t be right for everyone and not everyone is ready.

If this feels good in your body, you’re feeling curious or something has stirred deep inside

please email me