Creating Soul Based Products and Services Package


Creating Soul Based Products and Services Package



Creating a soul offering is like lightning. It charges and destroys and is fucking heaven in your body.

offering includes

  • Soul biz reading

  • 3 x reiki healing sessions

  • 60 mins soul chats // fortnightly either in person or via zoom. Exploring where you are at, your energy, building and exploring and grounding the energy of your soul based offering.

  • email support.

  • additional support + resources as required.

Can feel a product or service brewing and swirling under your skin?

I’ll teach you how to:

Build and ground the energy of this soul offering, whether you have an idea of what it is or your soul is nudging you to birth something but you don’t know yet what it is.

Explore and get clear on the soul steps to birth this creation.

Recognise, clean + clear misaligned patterns + beliefs, to allow this offering to flourish and be received.

Support and nourish this soul offering ongoing for expansion and growth in future. Toning the energy for sales to flow and increase.

Know + understand your energy when you are making decisions from lack or push.

Enjoy the creation process, feel supported + confident creating with your soul.

Use tools to birth future soul aligned creations confidently.

Know and understand your magic — build a soul based business that nourishes you — feel primal fire explode through your body, erotically enchanting the depths of you.

$915 AUD // or $295 + $62weekly

6 weeks

email for instalment option //


‘Your magic sessions have opened all this for me!! Forever grateful!! I feel like every business needs you’ - Kara Glen

‘This is by far the best money and time I’ve ever spent. Has brought all my wildest business dreams come true, found one of my soul purposes. I could not recommend this enough. Thank you. ‘ - Sandra-Lea Murray

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