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Intuitive Reading

Your business is its own entity with its own luminous energy. How it wants to express itself, is not about you. It did however, choose YOU, with your unique skills, magic and creative power - to birth it, love it and support it into radiant aliveness.

I’ll dive into the deep, dark, sensual depths, of your business. Swimming in the energy of whats working, whats outdated + whats coming next.

Dancing with your creations + services, exploring the energy of your website + branding, I’ll delve into the energy embracing them, uncovering kinks of energy that feel out of alignment, what feels loving and true, and sparks of growth that are wanting to weave gold threads into existence.

And bring awareness to any misaligned beliefs/stories/intentions that are being funnelled into your business. Exploring money/finances, the energy you hold around this and the potential for your business. Creative vision, what you believe or want to create for your business vs what your business wants to birth. AND community / who you are serving, where you are holding back in expressing your truth. Translating this energy for you to see how that is being emitted like sonar to those you serve.



‘Your magic sessions have opened all this for me!! Forever grateful!! I feel like every business needs you’ - Kara Glen

‘Shyanne this reading blew my hair back. I had to sit long and hard to try and think through how I could articulate the effect this had on me – I could feel the resonance in every cell of my body. You spoke to visuals I couldn’t have dreamt of in my wildest dreams, yet everything you spoke of I could see it in glorious detail. My soul whispering ‘yes, yes, yes’.’ - Kate Webster

If you can’t find a time that suits, please text 0423 312 626 to organise a time.