Your business is its own entity with its own luminous energy. How it wants to express itself, is not about you. It did however, choose YOU, with your unique skills, magic and creative power - to birth it, love it and support it into radiant aliveness.

I’d love to share my experience of co-creating with a soul business and understanding your energetic technology.

I’ll teach you how to:

Explore and ground the energy of your soul based business, creating a strong foundation to build upon.

Continue to build the energy of your soul biz for expansion and growth in future. Toning the energy for sales to flow and increase.

Know + trust your soul guidance, so you don’t make erratic, ungrounded decisions, that you have to fix and clean up the shit later.

Come from a place of empowered knowing, rather than lack and push.

Block out the noise + learn to read the energy of your business, understanding its expanding purpose + power and how to support it — And in turn how this feels alive for your soul.

Understand the misaligned beliefs + patterns you hold that are filtering into your business. Showing you where you need to explore + shift so that you and your biz can grow + expand into its own greatness and thrive.

Feel supported. Seen. Held. Encouraged. Feel sure in your body. Embody your empowered, creative, aligned self.

Know and understand your magic — build a soul based business that nourishes you — feel primal fire gush through your body, erotically enchanting the depths of you.

offering includes

  • 5 x reiki healing sessions

  • 75 mins soul chats // fortnightly either in person or via zoom. Exploring where you are at, your energy, building and exploring and grounding the energy of your soul based business. Learning how to to use and read your energetic technology to do this for yourself in the future.

  • email support.

  • additional support + resources as required.

10 weeks

TOTAL // $1250 AUD

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‘I credit our work together for the success of Luxey and Pebble + Fred. I also credit our work together to the love and sexiness I’ve created in my love life and in my home in simple things to the way I dress and now do life. I honestly can say that working with you was the most powerful work I have ever done in my life and has surpassed any other therapy I’e ever done. By far the BEST money I’ve ever spent because you ignited my truth and now I understand that I feel thats the SHIT for an epic life.’ - Sandra-Lea Murray

‘Your magic sessions have opened all this for me!! Forever grateful!! I feel like every business needs you’ - Kara Glen

‘This is by far the best money and time I’ve ever spent. Has brought all my wildest business dreams come true, found one of my soul purposes. I could not recommend this enough. Thank you. ‘ - Sandra-Lea Murray